What if You Had Animal Teeth?

I have a new writer crush — Sandra Markle. Author of over 200 non-fiction books for What if You Had Animal Teethchildren, Markle mixes humor and creativity to make learning FUN.

What if You Had Animal Teeth? came out in 2013, so yeah, I’m a little behind with this review, but whatever! When you find a book you want to share with the world it doesn’t have to be brand new, right?!

What if You Had Animal Teeth gets kids excited about teeth — you read that right, excited about teeth!  Each two-page spread introduces a new animal and provides simple facts about that animal’s teeth. The accompanying illustration imagines a child with the critter’s chompers. From sharks to hippos, kids will love this book.

Markle expanded the What if? theme to cover HairFeet, and, recently, Ears. The resulting series blends non-fiction facts with fantastic illustrations by Howard McWilliam. Together Markle and McWilliam have created books that are approachable, educational, and engaging.  The series blends into the classroom with ease — the books can be used to introduce critical thinking skills, concepts of fiction and non-fiction, and even hygiene! I give this book five stars (or a hundred shark teeth)!


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